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Hydra Fountain Clear Fountain Cleaner -1ml Treats 10/30 Litres

Hydra Fountain Clear Fountain Cleaner -1ml Treats 10/30 Litres

Hydra Fountain Clear Fountain Cleaner -1ml Treats 10/30 Litres

60ml Treats up to 1,800 litres of water, much higher dilution rates than competitors, other pack sizes are available for larger volumes of water. The best fountain and water feature, total water steriliser water and protection against algae and green water in all water recirculation systems, Shelf life 3 years. Fountain-safe water feature cleaner, Non-foaming and safe to use on all types of materials like stones, resin, metals including stainless steel and brass. Effective against bacteria including Legionella (Legionnaires' Disease). Equally effective in hard water, in use dilution this product is non-toxic and safe for animals and birds, do not use if fish or plants are present.

USAGE - WATER FEATURE CLEANING. Shock / Initial Dose: Hydra Fountain Clear. Use at 1: 10,000 (1 ml per 10 litre water) for algae and green water contaminated water system. Maintenance Doses: Hydra Fountain Clear.

Use at 1:30,000 (1 ml per 30 litre) to protect clean water from algae and green water (single cell algae) contamination. Treat weekly-monthly depending on local conditions. Fountains and water features are often feed by tap water which contains excess nutrients such as phosphates. Even when utilising rainwater, airborne nutrients soon start to pollute this water. Animals and birds using this water add their own pollutants to the mix. These nutrients act as a food source for slime type algae, including filamentous algae, characteristically blanket weed which spreads in the form of long filaments, quickly covering the water surface with a woven filamentous growth and single cell algae (which cause water to look green). Natures way is if there is a food source, moisture and sunlight, something will grow, as there are always trillions of spores in the atmosphere waiting for their opportunity to germinate.

This is why a nice clear water feature or garden fountain will start getting problems with biofilms within a couple of weeks from installation. Nobody wants their water feature to look unsightly with slime-type algae, filamentous algae and single-cell algae (which cause water to look green).

Very often these pumps become blocked with blanket weed and long filaments of algae, reducing water flow, or in the worse case actually causing the pump to overheat and burn out. As well as unsightly algae contamination, water can contain other harmful organisms. Hydra F ountain Clear - water feature treatment will reduce microbes by 99.9% in less than 3 hours such as: Escherichia coli, Streptococcus agalactiae, Micrococcus luteus, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila (responsible for Legionnaires Disease). Discharge of the low concentrations commonly used in fountains poses no environment threat. Because of its rapid hydrolysis, Hydra Fountain Clear is not recommended for use in systems above pH 9.0. I want a clean fountain how do I achieve this? How do I get clean fountain water? Fountain algae control bird safe which is the best product to use? I have algae in water feature how do I remove it? Which is the best water treatment for water features? I want a clear water fountain system?

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How to look after water features fountains that get algae slime and green water? To clean your fountain or water feature the best product to use is Hydra Fountain Clear which saves hours of work manually cleaning your system. Simply shock do and it will start to clear within a couple of days. Then use at maintenance dose, retreating water every week / month as applicable.

Shock dose system with Hydra Fountain Clear at 1ml per 10 litres of water. Retreat weekly with Hydra Fountain Clear at 1ml per 30 litres of water in system.

Or Manually clean water system and refill with clean water. When you are looking for the best and most cost-effective product for water feature cleaning and to clean a fountain there is only one solution : Hydra Fountain Clear Fountain Water Cleaner.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest specifications at our UK plant, which is accredited to. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Hydra Fountain Clear Fountain Cleaner -1ml Treats 10/30 Litres