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Lemon Balm (melissa) Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Lemon Balm (melissa) Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Lemon Balm (melissa) Wholesale Price 50g-10kg
Add lemon balm leaves to infusions and dishes to give them a unique flavor and aroma! Learn the advantages and properties of lemon balm leaves.

In the description you will also find information on how to best use lemon balm leaves. This plant takes its name from the Greek language, in which lemon balm means bee. It is not tall, usually in the form of a small bush, up to 60 cm. Its leaves are relatively thick and green with a characteristic, slightly citrus scent.

It has a subtle, fresh aroma that perfectly highlights the taste of the prepared dishes. In spring and summer, clusters of small pale yellow flowers bloom. They appear where the leaves connect with the stem. Maintain vitality and health with lemon balm leaves. In addition to its taste, lemon balm leaves also have a beneficial effect on the human body. Eating fresh leaves or drinking fresh leaves can help treat colds and flu. How to include it in your diet? It is most often used in teas, but its leaves also go well with various salads. In the form of leaves, it is often used as an ingredient in egg dishes, sweet creams, soups or casseroles. Don't forget to add it to the stuffing for stuffing poultry, lamb or pork. It also goes well with spicy dishes, where, breaking the spiciness, it gives a different, slightly lemon aftertaste.

Lemon balm leaves are ideal for preparing an infusion that can be consumed 1-2 times a day. It is very simple to prepare.

Just pour boiling water 1.5 teaspoons of leaves and brew, covered, for about 10 minutes. It is also worth remembering that there is no need to overdo it with drinking it, because the effects can be completely opposite. Instead of softening the stomach, it will stimulate it to overwork. However, such an infusion can be irreplaceable in the evenings, for faster and better sleep. In the right proportions, lemon balm will be great for your health.

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  • SIZE: 10KG
  • Formulation: Leaves
  • Administration: Oral
  • Type: Herb
  • Active Ingredients: Lemon Balm
  • Scent: Herbal

Lemon Balm (melissa) Wholesale Price 50g-10kg