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Linden Flowers, Linden Tea Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Linden Flowers, Linden Tea Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Linden Flowers, Linden Tea Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Try it once and you'll love linden teas forever! Discover the wonderful properties and benefits of the linden flower. From the description, you will also learn what uses the linden flower is and how to use it. Linden is a tree that is long-lived. It grows in a temperate climate in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is estimated that about 30 species belong to it. It is characterized by single, heart-shaped leaves, which are serrated at the edges. Linden trees bloom at the turn of June and July. Then, on hot days, they are cut from the twigs and dried in a protective temperature.

It is thanks to this process that they still retain their scent and light yellow color. How can linden flowers affect the condition of the body? Growing, harvested and packaged Polish lime is the power of health closed in tiny flowers.

Strengthens blood vessels and has a diastolic effect. Soothes irritation of the throat and stomach mucosa.

Has anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic properties. Provides vitamins C, PP and supports the metabolism. What ailments will it help? We recommend drinking tea with the use of linden flowers mainly in winter and during solstices, when the body is weakened. It has been known for a long time that linden helps to fight colds and unbearable coughs.

You can also use a decoction of linden flowers to rinse the mouth and throat during inflammation of these parts of the digestive system or add it to relaxing baths. Usually, special infusions, teas or even wraps are prepared from them.

They are also used in the production of all kinds of preparations aimed at improving human health and general condition. Linden flower - directions for use. It is best to prepare an infusion of linden flowers. To make it, put 1.5-2 teaspoons of dried flowers into a glass and pour hot, but not boiling water.

Cover the top with a plate or a special lid. Set aside for 5-10 minutes to infuse freely. During this time, the infusion will cool down. Then it is most convenient to strain the tea through a fine strainer or gauze so that when drinking small pieces of dried fruit do not interfere.

You can add honey or home-made fruit juices, e. From raspberries or currants, to such prepared infusion. This version will especially appeal to children.
Linden Flowers, Linden Tea Wholesale Price 50g-10kg