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Parsley Leaf Dried 50G-25KG

Parsley Leaf Dried 50G-25KG

Parsley Leaf Dried 50G-25KG
Parsley leaf - replenish bad iron in a tasty way. Parsley is extremely widely used in the kitchen. It is an irreplaceable addition to salads, potatoes, vegetable dishes, soups, egg dishes, meat and fish. It can be found in many herbal mixtures, because it goes well with other spices and herbs.

Added to dishes, it enriches them with a unique taste and many valuable nutrients. Parsley came to us from the Mediterranean and was known well before 2000 years.

Currently, it is grown and loved throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, and most of us probably cannot imagine Sunday broth without it. Parsley leaves - an inconspicuous source of health. The properties of parsley leaves do not cease to delight both lovers of healthy nutrition and researchers. So what's extraordinary about parsley leaves? Parsley contains twice as much vitamin C as lemon. Parsley improves the body's resistance and immune system function.

Has a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system. Allows you to fight inflammation.

Contains huge amounts of iron and potassium. Good for bones and teeth.

How do you include parsley in your diet? Dried parsley leaves - it is on their basis that you can prepare tasty cottage cheese and herb butter, which will make your daily diet more attractive. To do this, simply combine them with fat e. Butter at room temperature, mix, and put in the fridge so that the whole can bite through. In addition, dried parsley is best added to ready meals, because the heat treatment and very high temperature deprive it of color, properties and pleasant taste.

It is best to add it to soups at the end of cooking. It is best to add sauces to sauces as a tasty decoration.

Dried parsley leaves will also work great as a topping for sandwiches with tomato or egg. Dried parsley leaves are suitable for consumption directly from the packaging. It is a very fast and convenient form of the product that allows you to save time.

This form also retains the properties of fresh raw material, but is also much more durable than it and can be stored for a long time.
Parsley Leaf Dried 50G-25KG