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Schisandra Berries Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Schisandra Berries Wholesale Price 50g-10kg

Schisandra Berries Wholesale Price 50g-10kg
Schisandra fruit - try all five flavors. There is something really special about this foreign-sounding name. Already in antiquity, it was believed that its fruits prolong life and give strength. So get to know the excellent properties and qualities of Schisandra fruit. They grow on hard common shrub in East Asia, mainly in China. Hence the other name of this fruit Chinese lemon. In their area, the schisandra is called "Wu-Wei-Zi, which means:" Five flavors.

This is in fact because the top of the fruit has a sweet note, its flesh is sour, the seeds are bitter and tart, and the longer the fruit is stored, the more salty it becomes. How does Schisandra fruit affect the body? Schisandra has a lot of features that positively affect the functioning of the entire body.

Clearing the vein of calcium and fat, thereby contributing to the reduction of the risk of heart attacks. Helping in eliminating liver and bile disease. Blood pressure regulation (this has been shown by numerous laboratory and clinical tests). Contributing to increasing the endurance of the body and adding vitality to it. Helping to fight depression by stimulating the nervous system.

What's more, schisandra is an excellent aphrodisiac and helps to increase concentration. Chinese lemon, thanks to the richness of vitamins C and E, is also appreciated in the fight against coughs and colds. In the past, schisandra was primarily used by hunters during hunting. At that time, it was the only source of food for them.

Today, however, the range of applications of this plant is much greater. Schisandra is used in medicine and is involved in the production of many supplements due to its properties. Of course, it also plays a role in kitchens around the world, and chefs use it for the most exquisite dishes.

How to use schisandra in the kitchen? It is best eaten fresh or processed into preserves, juices or jams. The dried fruit will turn into a delicious compote or tea. Then the entire aroma of schisandra fruit will be released, which will further enhance any taste sensations.

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  • SIZE: 10KG
  • Formulation: BERRIES
  • Administration: Oral
  • Type: Herb
  • Features: Organic
  • Item Weight: 100 g
  • Scent: Fruit

Schisandra Berries Wholesale Price 50g-10kg